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2017-09-01 20:14:43 (UTC)

Random Words and poetry

Mood: Reminiscent
Song: Don't let me be Lonely By the Band Perry
Color: Maroon

Last night i was reminded of some stuff from my childhood, some of the friends that i had and i told some stories that i haven't told in a really long time lol... Made me smile and then it was done and over with and my evening continued and it wasn't focused on any of that, but then i went to sleep and dreamed about well...Neighborhoods and bike riding and ding dong ditching and getting in to trouble when we did things we knew we shouldn't have...
Those moments of just feeling free going as fast as a bike could carry you down a hill with your friends with the sun going down to your right and it sounds so picture perfect....and i guess some of it was.

I've realized that when i talk about that specific time in my life, no matter how many years pass or how old i get i always dream of neighborhoods after talking about this, about us, about them.
It's always a flash back to that time and place....dreamed in shadow.... Like looking through sunglasses at the world VS looking at things without anything to hinder your vision.
I've felt really inspired to write since i woke up this morning and it's one of the first time i'm looking back seeing mostly the positive and not feeling a bitter sweetness.
I didn't realize that there were so many good things to write about that space in time.
so many conversations and memories....

so here is a bit of poetry.


A conversation about time and place
An argument about privilege and Race

A Blond Joke for a non-Blond
Insults traded and a broken bond

Because Biracial Just means two races
two Blood lines from two different places

Correction comes from one who looks white
But she doesn't know her own birthright

Breaking the argument with one sentence
With simple truth brought forward repentance

"At least you both know what you are"
"You, unlike me don't have to look far"

So we three different but thrown together
Accepted each other's sunshine and stormy weather.

That's all for now though i do have some bits and pieces that aren't ready to be written down here yet Because it's literally bits and pieces like i think i have some good lines and some good wording....but no semblance of structure or order so.... more to come later hopefully.