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2017-09-01 16:38:17 (UTC)

4 days after surgery

Wow, this has been something else. I was in the hospital till yesterday. Could have stayed an extra day, but since I had all I needed at home, or so I thought, I came home. He picked me up in my car, which was hard to get into. I was a nervous wreck coming home. He drives like a maniac. But we made it. Then I had to get up the four steps to come into the house. They had showed me before I left. I practiced and all that. But standing there looking at those steps drew a blank, do I start with the good leg or the bad? He had put all the instructions, my phone, anything I may have needed in the back of the car so besides having him to stand behind me, I took one step at a time. All it took was walking to the house, bringing in smell of home and the lift of frustration going away from me.....I barely felt any pain at all. Felt good to make it home a live. Yes, there is some pain. But not like before. That pain was never going away until the surgeon took it away, but this pain is temporary. So, I am good. Hopefully.

No one has called to check on me. NO ONE. Just had one friend that I had been texting back and forth with to let her know...but she understood I did not feel like talking yet. Something about hearing the pain in my voice I am wanted to lose before I begin talking to people. Plus, friends always ask, did your daughter come to help you out at home or see you at hospital. Uh, No. She did not. I texted her to let her know I was home. OK. is all I got.

I will remember this this time.

So, far, things are going ok. I am constipated. He has gone to pick up some prune juice. Hoping that helps so I do not have to do an intima. I have not eaten much this week. And I know I have lost weight. I also have little energy. But I have not lost my will to live. Not yet anyway.

Good knee. Bad knee. Good knee. Bad knee

Kind of like people.

Good people.
Bad people
Good people
Bad people...

you just have to learn to know the difference.

I am learning.