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2017-09-01 04:20:57 (UTC)

Last day

Mood: Tired but happy
Song: Secret Valentine by We the Kings
Color: Light orange

Can you believe that today was the last day of August????
i'm not asking in the sense of "omg this month went by so fast ahhhhh"
No...this month Dragged on and on and on, and it felt so freaking long with a lot of negative things that happened.
But there have also been good.
It's been a roller coaster.
This past week has been really long but i think it's because aside from some visits with Estebaliz like tonight which was fun, it's just been Tara and i which is weird....it's reminded me that i need to get out and do more with my life lol.

In other news i'm overwhelmed with the secret project...ahhh it's such a big thing that i'm going to have to bring in some help...hopefully my mom will bring her brilliants to it...she's literally the best at things like this. Hopefully she will help and help me figure out the best way to do this.

Ooooh and deadline for secret santa was today.... i sent my info in like two weeks ago was it? but today they said that i didn't have my stuff in so i went and did it again messaged Havila and told her but she said she hadn't seen it show up yet.... -_- so i submitted it again just in case so here's hoping third times a charm..... *Fingers crossed* cause i really want to participate! it was so much fun last year.

Mom, Dad and Emma will get back Saturday night.
so two nights and two days to go.
As much as it's been cool to be alone, i'm ready for some normalcy and for them to be back. :)
I like how we typically get along....and have a good family relationship.

Time for a good change with my Grandmother gone...
Time to have people over to the house and to bring back some life to it.
Time for memories and fun and laughter.
Time to Breathing and relief and freedom.
Time for good things to come.