2017-09-01 02:11:45 (UTC)

Dead Inside

To a certain limit, a human being can't be forced. That's because we have reach our limitations. Even though there are many people broke their limitations and achieved their goals. But not all people are the same. We are never born to be even and this world is never meant to be fair.
We can never compare ourselves with others who are more capable in many ways. Sometimes, fate might not be every thing, but sometimes leaving things to fate would be better than having ourselves mingling with things.
Just want to say that I have almost reach my limits. One more drop will be enough to make me leave for good.
I don't mind, because I will be free.
I'm also a human being with feelings, I also know pressure, anger and sadness, I know I'm not as good as the others but I'm already trying.
I just want to live a life of my own.
If I'm born to serve a purpose and my purpose is over, then at least tell me instead of forcing me to be someone else that I don't have interest of becoming.