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The Girl With 4 Scars
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2017-08-30 21:04:51 (UTC)

Do I Really Want A Relationship, or am I just bored??

I got to thinking the other day. do I really want a relationship?? or am I just dating, because I'm bored, with my life? truthfully, I think I am just bored.

And I shouldn't, start dating someone, because of this reason. most of the time its exciting in the beginning. but, I get bored quickly, and start wishing that I had time to myself. and dont want to have to answer to anyone.

I think Ineed to get a hobby of some sort. to keep my free time pre-occupied. I started reading again. I need to stop thinking, that my life wont be complete if I dont "find my other half."

life isnt about finding your other half. its about finding yourself. and being true to who you are.

you can still live a fullfilled life being single. it's not required by law to be married and have kids. so, i dont get why, society makes it such a big deal being when someone is still single by a certain age.

maybe its becuase they're different. and the world is accustomed to settling for what they can get. and they see they dont need that. so its better, to make them feel bad about something. like being single when you're 30.

so as of right now. i dont think i really need or want a relationship. i thought i did. im too complicated of a person. my mind is very wishy washy. one second i want something. the next i dont. and i'm ok with being single for right now.