My Letter To The World
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2017-08-30 03:17:45 (UTC)

The list of things you did that i have to remember

Mood: Unnerved
Song: You Suck at Love By Simple Plan
Color: Orange

1. Screaming and yelling.
2. Lying.
3. Acting like a spoiled Child throwing a temper tantrum.
4. Ignoring us.
5. Insulting us constantly.
6. Betrayed us.
7. Refusing to listen to reason.
8. Invading my personal space to try to intimidate me.
9. Threats (Police, Violence ect)
10. Scaring the kids.
11. Over stepping your boundaries with "authority"
12. Always making excuses for your wrong doings and never taking responsibility.
13. Always running away when things get tough.
14. Being a coward.
15. Being Fake.
16. Not being a Good Mother and putting your children before your addictions.
17. Not putting Your Grandchildren before your addiction or your own selfish pride.
18. Manipulating situations.
19. Pretending to be a good Christian when you don't read your bible faithfully or go to church faithfully.
20. Being selfish
21. Saying the things that will cut a person the most.
22. Being horrible to your son.
23. Pushing away everyone who has ever cared about you...so your going to die alone.
24. Saying Josie wasn't family.
25. Showing up here when you know you weren't supposed to
26. Holding Grudges
27. Making false Accusations.
28. Being Judgmental
29. Being small minded.
30. Constant mind games.
31. Untrustworthy.
32. Hurting me and not caring.
33. jealousy irrational jealousy
35. Acting like you know everything.
36. Sexist
37. Emotionally abusive.
38. Being all the things you hate in other people.
39. Being constantly hateful and angry
40. Always having to have something to be complaining about.
41. Saying your Son who's sick is just doing it to manipulate people when that's really you.
42. Purposely causing drama when you know we are having a hard time.
43. Pretending to love, Like, Be proud of me to my face only to say just the opposite behind my back.
44. Expecting the worst out of me and everyone.
45. Saying something horrible and then laughing like it was sarcastic to soften the blow when you really meant what ever you said.
46. Not listening to anyone but yourself.
47. Saying that i'm dumb and just don't understand when your an idiot.
48. wanting me to trust you above my parents (ha your absolutely out of your mind)
49. Making my Mother Cry.
50. Putting your Children in the middle and not caring how much your fucking actions are hurting them all their lives then and now.

I could go on but this is depressing.
Here's hoping that things will be better off now that you are gone...
The peace when your not hear is unbelievable.
so have a nice life...cause i'm done.
You have lost all relationship with me and that's just the end.
I hope your selfish pride, your anger and you fucking temper tantrum was worth it....cause you don't have anything to do with me because if it.