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2017-08-28 16:31:31 (UTC)

Busy morning at the laboratory

Hi there!

I am glad the cleaner has arrived. It means the house will be clean by the end of the afternoon.

This morning we went to the laboratory. My mother drove us there. My daughter had some blood test to see how she is. She missed some of her classes this morning. But never mind. We popped in the local bakery near to the hospital to have breakfast... It was delicious. I must confess I just love to have breakfast out.

I haven't spoken to my husband as he is working. Soon, he will be at home in England.

The past two days were really long for me. I was hoping that the weekend would not last too long. But it did. I stayed at home all weekend long. A nightmare.

Right now, I am washing one load of clothes... I have already cooked our lunch and it was good though.

Tomorrow I have to take my daughter to have a vaccine in the local clinic and then it will be done.

I don't have a lot to do at the moment so I guess it will be a long afternoon for me as well.

Lately, I have felt really tired but not depressed. I want to live life to its full potential... I am hoping to feel more relaxed as my mother and I have made up. We sometimes don't agree about things but I don't hate my mother. She has been really sad lately because of my father. They have their moments of affection but most of the time they fight and I am in the middle.

If I didn't feel so tired all the time I would clean the house by myself... But I don't sleep properly during the night.

Anyway, we are in the end of August and soon we will be in September... Another month to look ahead. I am glad I don't have any flu... Soon, the winter will be gone. I guess we had enough winter... I am a bit fed up of drying my hair because it is too cold to leave it wet. ( ha ha ha)

I came to realize I just hate routine. Once again, I am analyzing my life. It is good and bad in the same time. It is good I know exactly where I am and it is bad because I don't know how long it will take for me to change part of it.

My daughter just finished her lunch. I left her plate done so she that she could eat when she arrived at home. Now she is drying the dishes.

Well, people... I'd better go.

But first... Good energy to all of us!