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2017-08-28 04:07:29 (UTC)

Short Sunday

Mood: ahhhh
Song: none but an old episode of Hey Arnold
Color: green

Sunday has arrived this week is officially over and i'm glad it's been such an incredibly long week....like i can't believe how old i feel after this long week and just ugggg.
But it's night time and it's a new week.
It already feels weird being pretty much alone in this huge house. ha not like creepy or scary just quiet and weirdly empty.
Guess that will happen more often with Grandma Gone.
again the relief is... almost tangible.
But it's not how i wanted things to be.
As it's Sunday here are the things i am thankful for

1. A Home
2. Faith
3. Nostalgia
4. Family
5. Friends
6. Excitement
7. Hope
8. Trying
9. Sleep(when i can get it)
10. Technology
11. Tara
12. Laughter
13. Travel
14. Night time
15. Legacy

Now i'm going to go eat a little something and continue to watch 90s cartoons and pretend i'm a kid. hahaha
though i still have this weird sense of anxiety that i don't know the reason for.....
I'm still hopeful for a good week and praying that my Family have safe travels to DC.