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2017-08-27 05:15:06 (UTC)

Soaked Saturday

Mood: Ah, whatever
Song: none
Color: Blue

So This has been a long week and everyday has brought some unexpected negative things and also everyday has brought some unexpected positive things. It's been a roller coaster.
Today i was woken up by text messages at 9:30 and was invited to be in a parade and had to be ready to leave by 10:30.
got ready...was in the parade which was fun cause i got to chill with Kim and i got to know Maya a little bit better.
Got to hot though so Ive had a headache most of the rest of the day, i ended up taking a 3 hour nap from like 6 to 9 and then woken up to got clean at the church and i was very disoriented lol.

I don't really have much else to say... it's been a long day and a full day but i feel like it's more memories for the mind than it does to be go written down.
I have been catching up on Being human which i'm enjoying...talking to the vampire, Talking to the Fairy.
Sunday is tomorrow which is an early day....i'm already dreading getting up, but i know that hopefully it will be a good day.
Mom and Dad and Em will be leaving for DC tomorrow evening...
Which means Tara and i will be on our own for the next 6 days.
There will be a Game night with friends and Hopefully B will come and stay for a couple of days.

I feel some anxiety and i don't know why....ugh. *Breathe*