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2017-08-26 22:56:14 (UTC)

Saturday rush

The boss called today saying he has seen out next listing so I was assuming he wanted me to take him signs and lockbox. He
sent me a photo and I was at least get it in MLS. But meeting him in the morning to give him sign. Then this afternoon, we had
a showing at the speedway condo. He told me if it does not sell soo, he may try to get the owner to let him rent it while his house
is being remodeled for about 6 months. We talked about him remodeling his house...with a garage with an apartment and
additions. I was excited to hear all that.

Plus him living at the condo? OMG I just hope we get to hang out there during the race. That would be so much fun.

My knee was ok earlier today, but right now it is throbbing again. Tomorrow will be the last day I am getting nervous.
Yesterday, I had a episode where I was out of it...close to talking out of my head, but I knew it. If that makes any sense. This pain
is unbelievable. I am not taking anything for it either. Then today, thinking I was going to have to leave the house....after talking to
him and doing the work on MLS.....I just started was like you feel when you are real hungry but I had eaten today so
I was not hurgry. It lasted for about 45 minutes. Light headed. So, I got back in my recliner and did nothing much else.

My daughter called. This time just to check on me. And asked for nothing. She did say that the youngest granddaughter was diagnosed
with HDHD....I know that is not correct but it is the thing where she has a hard time sitting still and paying attention. We talked about that
a while. I do not like her taking medication that has a side effect of suicidal thoughts. My daughter said after the 12 yr old mentioned
that she did not like the way it made her feel, she told her to stop taking it. With hearing that comment, I took it that she allowed
the 12 yr old to have access to the medication and she has the responsibility of taking it on her own. So, I mentioned to her that
she (the mother) should be giving the medication to her, instead of allowing her to have access to the entire bottle of pills since
suicidal thoughts is a side affect. She then goes on to say that oh, she has talked to her about the suicidal thoughts and she is
to let her know if she has any of them. HUH? So, I reminded her that I tried to off myself a couple of times, and I never even
thought about telling someone that I was going to kill myself, I just tried to do it and have the scars to prove it. So, we got that worked
out and she seemed to understand.. ... but still said that the granddaughter is not taking the medication and she will talk to the
doctor again.

I gave her some ideas on how to improve paying attention and remembering what you have read. So she can try to get her to
do that once and a while. As far as her violent tendencies....she is the youngest and being the one who is always dooded on
and now that is changing as they all three get older. We talked about that too.

Anyway.....she called. We talked. I made sure I had everyones phone number....and she knows to call her brother
for updates on me....