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2017-08-26 00:26:07 (UTC)

2 more days.....

I barely slept last night or the night before, but have been taking some naps during the day. I am getting more and more anxious about the knee replacement surgery on Monday. They finally called to tell us to be there around 9:30am and the surgery is scheduled for 12:30. I am sure I will be there Tuesday, not sure if I will come home or stay another day.

It took forever but I got my IPad working or updated. I still can not watch the BIG Brother LIVE FEEDS on it. Something expects me to go to APPLE and pay for something that I am not going to pay for. So, I will have this laptop brought up Tuesday if I stay another night. Although I am very happy to have the IPad working. No sim card, using wireless. When I bought it I was taken advantage of. The salesperson just asked what cell phone company I used and implied I would need a new line for the IPad to work. Not true. You can learn so much on You Tube.

The Guys came today to steam clean our carpet. It is still wet a little but looks great and smells much cleaner in here.
The shampoo I am using and the lotion is helping clear up whatever this is on my scalp. I am trying very hard not to touch it.
We have everything planned and ready for Monday. I am nervous as I know at my age things could go wrong. My son will be
working but he will be able to come later in the day. I have not heard from my daughter since I had to say no to giving her
300 bucks. My son told me last night that his boss gave him another cash bonus. This time it was 400 bucks. I suggested that he
help her with the school clothes. He let me know in no uncertain words that if she came around or called acting like she was
interested in being a part of the family....she could have come cleaned for you ( me ) without being paid. I told him I told her I would pay her. But he said and when you told her you had to cancel when you learned the amount the surgery will cost, she should have came anyway
without being paid...reminding me of all the times she walked out of here with a new 600.00 camera, a new laptop, a car, etc...
the list goes on. Coming here to help her mom should be done because she wants too. I said..okay I do not want to hear anymore about it. I understand and agree. But it still bothers me. He said it clearly bothers him too. falling apart. I hate that. But people change sometimes when they get older....

I have done all I can. You can not force relationships. It should not be this hard.

I am scared to death though about Monday