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2017-08-25 02:40:28 (UTC)

Turning Point Thrusday

Mood: Good
Song: Chandelier By Sia
Color: light Purple

So.... This has been the best day of the week thus far, and it's cause i got to sleep in, then chill out and draw a little bit, listened to music, got to talk to my friends and then i got a text from a new friend who was telling me about an accusation of me flirting with a man that is not only married but old enough to be my father.....ewww! and i'm all like are you serious!?!?!?! -_-
Needless to say there was no flirting going on.

Beyond that i went and hung out with my friend for like 3 hours this evening which was really nice i really enjoyed it i think i have discovered another magical creature...maybe a whole family of them... wouldn't that be cool?

I came home around 8:30 after running to the store two separate trips one for my Mother and the Other for my Dad and when i walked in the second time the people looked at me funny but i just shrugged and said "here we go again"
Haha who cares what people think?
I after getting home made myself some dinner and ate while watching Hook with my family.
Now i am planning a shower, maybe some more drawing and music and then in a bit a call to my friend B.
It was just a good day despite some of the negative and annoying things that did happen.
Lets just ride on the good vibes shall we?