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2017-08-24 12:29:39 (UTC)

Back to normal


It is a beautiful day... It is partially cloud and it is a bit cold but the sun is up in the sky.

I am glad and in peace as things are back to normal. I mean, my mother and I are talking again and I really feel that she will respect me for a change. I hope so.

My husband is all right. Today he is at home relaxing as he doesn't have to work... He told me he will get some overtime but not a lot. It is always good to talk to him as I feel closer to him.

I continue to have faith in the future but sometimes I feel a bit scared about everything. What future holds... I hope my husband will continue all right, healthy because here in Brazil he was miserable. He was not happy about things.

Today I am glad that I feel all right and not depressed. I am washing another load of clothes and I have some leftovers so I won't have to cook just to complement what is necessary.

Well, I had a break from my diary because thinking about my routine makes me feel sad. If I ever have an opportunity to change my life I will grab it. Believe me. It is just a matter of time. Let's see.

So, good energy to everyone!