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2017-08-24 04:46:19 (UTC)

Willpower Wednesday

Mood: Ugh Feel Hung over but i haven't had a drop to drink
Song: Better dig two by the Band Perry
Color: Pearl

IT'S been such a busy Day started a little before nine, out the door before 9:40 Drove my mom several places in Granite, then to Hobart, over from Hobart to Cordell went to the bank and the grocery store, Got home around noon cooked lunch, then went to the church were i worked until i got home a little after nine.
Ripping out trim and paneling getting my hands all cut up from nails...no i don't have a up to date tetanus shot :P ha no blood no foul.... right?
What's a construction job without a few bumps and bruises? i wouldn't know lol.
We almost had a fire today too because Dad hit a light with the paneling and it went out and then started smoking and burning.... glad we were there to catch it now that i think of it....that could have been way worse.
I have a headache and my stomach has been upset today...idk why.
I just feel tired and ready for some sleep.
But today i will powered through feeling not so great and being tired and worked and dealt with people and just survived and thrived through this day.
some good things happened and some funny things happened with Dad where i just have to say "How does one get themselves into situations like this?" which i asked him and he just laughed and shrugged.
But it's true...he has a nack for ridiculous situations....i could tell you stories....
I should write a book.