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2017-08-21 22:24:58 (UTC)

Mischief Managed Monday

Mood: Tired, accomplished
Song: None
Color: Violet

I Have Cleaned my room, Taken out the trash, Cleaned the bathroom, Organized the closet, Done laundry, Done Dishes, And Got all my Cameras and Photography stuff together. ( i am now up to a grand total of owning Three camera's)
My parents want to take My main one the best one, with them to DC next week.
I want them to have a good camera to take good pictures...but i feel protective of it lol.
I know they well talk good care of it.
Today is the day of the Solar Eclipse and it wasn't as dark as i expected but it was still a beautiful and weird experience.
"The heavens will declare the glory of the lord" is truth lol.