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2017-08-20 22:30:41 (UTC)

Smile it's Sunday

Mood: content
Song: Fly over states by Jason Aldean
Color: Copper

Smile it's Sunday, another day you are alive.
It's a Sunday afternoon, I'm listening to music and drinking an iced coffee.
church this morning was really good and i found that i was just really happy there today... idk. no explanation needed i guess but it's still such a rare thing but becoming more common....don't know how i feel about that.
but anyway... i had a nap which i needed, then a phone call from B which was a good interruption :)
I've been in more of a country music mood lately and so i've been listening to that a lot.
Idk... Country music in a way kinda feels like home.

I have a business meeting in about 45 minutes. which are never fun but here's hoping it goes smoothly and no drama.
but as of right now because i'm in such a good mood here are some things i'm thankful for.

1. My Mom
2. Family in general
3. Friends( specially the kind you can sit in a comfortable silence with or talk about just about anything with)
4. People i can be myself around.
5. Music
6. Faith
7. God
8. Oklahoma
9. Home schooling and the Education i got.
10. Opportunity
11. Travel
12. Zoe, Jay, Karl Penpals, and Amazing people
13. Creativity
14. Singing along
15. Growth
16. Change
17. memories
18. BOOKS!
19. Poetry
20. Forgiveness

Those are just a few people and things i'm thankful for.
Now here are some things i'm looking forward to

1. B coming for a visit soon and fort building and the prospect of acting like children and having fun.
2. Secret Santa
3. Secret Project #2
4. Fall.
5. My parents and Emma getting to go to DC
6. Stranger things season 2, It coming out
7. The Holidays

I know some of these are a little was off still as its only August but i can't help it Fall is my favorite season with Summer as a close second.
Fall is beautiful and perfect weather not hot but also not Freezing cold either.
the leaves changing and all the photography!
plus warm clothes and bonfire weather.
It's a magical time lol.

anyways i better go get ready to go...that's all for now.
What is something you are looking forward to and what is something your thankful for?