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2017-08-20 12:55:59 (UTC)

One more week and a day

Surgery was to be tomorrow, but now it is next Monday. One more week of living in pain. It sure would be great to have a damn wheel chair about now. But until you need one, you have no idea where to get one. Even googling it is a waste of time. Another small business opportunity for those looking to start one. Another one is a cab service. We really need both of those things around here.

Friends are a dime a dozen. We have them in our life, talk, share experiences, and sometimes hang out. But when we get older, it gets less and less important to be in the lives of people who have lives of their own. I am like that and so are they. At my age, if he was not here, I am not sure what I would do for a ride or help here. I can not ask people who are old too. Most of my friends have kids that have to know every move they make, calling them on the phone, they do not have a minute to themselves and I have no need to be involved in their business. So, if it was not for him, I would have to call a cab. That way , we pay for what we need.

I have Stanley Steemer coming here next week after he gets the new toilet installed. If ever. I called texted my daughter at the first of the week to cancel them coming here to help me clean yesterday. I explained then that I was going to have to pay 25k to get the surgery and it had been delayed. Most children would have picked up the phone to call about that news. Not her. But it did not stop her from calling me yesterday with some business questions about a possible listing she may have. Then before the conversation was over she brought it up.
"Mom, remember asking if we could come and clean for you and you were going to pay us? I wanted to know if you could let me have 300 dollars to take them shopping for school clothes. They are being brats". Hmmmm? In my mind, I am thinking well, she must think we really have that 25k in the bank and what in the hell? I told her that I am very sorry but we do have bills to pay and are not even sure how much we will need explaining that the bank was going to help us out and I do not have extra money. I wish I did, but I reminded her I have had no closings this year and she just had three. So, she says...."oh well that is okay the owner of the company is calling me so I am going to have to go..."

I have to wonder what in the hell she does with her money. I wonder more why she does not call me come here more and do for me without being asked or paid for it. I am not surprised though. I will say that. I guess this is my fault for even revealing it was going to cost 25k to have the knee replacement and they expected that the day of. I did not tell her we were going to dig that up in the back yard or pull it from under the mattress. I guess she thinks well, they must have more money than us so I will blow my commission checks and expect them to help us when it is time to buy school clothes.

School clothes for grandchildren that I never see nor hear from. They are all three old enough to pick up the phone and call me.....or at least ask why don't we go see mee maw this weekend? No, they have lives of their own. They are kids. But she is a grown up. If she seriously hates me this much....she will be in for a new awakening when I am dead and gone. She is teaching those girls just how to treat her when she is old.

Sure I am hurt again and disappointed. Even her borrowing my car for a week coming to get it and then bringing it back, I gave them a load of clothes to take to consignment or have a yard sale...many items with sales tickets on them. I appreciated them taking that stuff, but to me that was like giving them money. No calls in between times. I have been in need of some serious help around here. But I can not count on them. My God, if I can pay Stanley Steemer 115 bucks to do what I need...I am saving almost 200 bucks....if she thought I was going to pay them 300 bucks to come mop a floor and vacumn? I can not allow people to take advantage of me anymore. I clearly recall telling her that if they come to help me out I would give her gas money. There was no misunderstanding. And I Am not misunderstanding that she clearly does not give a shit about me being in constant pain unable to barley walk.

Here I am with a week to go, still in pain from the knee and more pain from her.