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2017-08-20 01:53:37 (UTC)

Repeating Stupidity and Hate

Mood: Contemplative
Song: Where is the Love by The Black eyed Peas
Color: Dark Blue

You know what?
I think that the the younger generations the people anywhere from 30 down don't know what to stand for and or fight for.... and they don't know how to do it in a productive way either.
We've seen all these protests and riots all ending badly in one way or another always in violence and i was talking about it today with my Dad when we were watching the news seeing the Protests in Boston.
And the conclusion i came to is exactly what i said above...
They don't know what's worth fighting for and what's ridiculous. and even if they do fine something worth fighting for and standing up for they end up doing it in such a way that isn't right and therefore basically ruins whatever they were trying to stand for.

Now...I think we This younger generation wants to do something big, wants to make it's own name in history, wants to be a part of something great.... which is why i think some of the people go to these protest. (then there are those that go specifically to make trouble and cause violence.) and then a small number....actually do have something to say.
It's like that....
the few that have something to say
the masses that follow.
The masses that go to cause trouble.

I understand wanting to achieve something, to want to stand up and fight for something and to want to make your own mark on the world and to feel in that moment that you did make a difference, it seems like every generation before us has experienced this in one way or another, They fought the wars, made the inventions, went to the moon, founded country's and established governments, fought for rights, equality, freedom.
What are we going to do?

Travel back in time and i'm not talking about back to the future here! i'm saying we are losing ground!
we are going back to the history that we've already been through Racism? we fought to have equality! we saw Martin Luther King. we know how hard it was to make it to where we know we were all created in the image of God and race doesn't matter.
Yet here we are acting like enemy's again.
We went through the holocaust where 6 million jews and 11 million people in total were killed because of race, because of religion, because of disability because of stupidity and hate.
And what??? 11 million people dying horribly isn't enough for us to learn from history?!?!!?!?!?!!?

we can't afford to repeat history, we can't afford to hate each other for our races, we can't afford another holocaust, we can't afford another war, and we can't even properly defend ourselves from another country's attack because we are to busy fighting among ourselves over things that have already been freaking fought through and shouldn't be a freaking problem any more.... we must be a very stupid set of generations..... All of us, if your alive right now... yeah.
doesn't matter if your 90 or 9 you have a hand in the world and the direction it's going and if your not doing everything in your power to stop history from repeating your part of a stupid generation.

I mean do you really want a civil war?
how about a world war?
A holocaust?
Do you know what those would look like????????
No of course not because you weren't alive for any of those things and you don't know your history well enough to see how much damage they did, how it scared the world permanently.
How Millions of pointless deaths happened.
Are you so desensitized that you don't care? that you don't see where this is going?
What is wrong with you?
What is wrong with the world.

If you want to fight for something, fight for love and peace, for freedom, For things that are worth fighting for.
And you know what else? if you can make it where it doesn't escalate to a fight....don't freaking fight.
Talk it out. work it out. look at history and don't repeat it! It's not that hard! sheesh.

Peace (and i really mean that.)