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2017-08-19 19:41:07 (UTC)


Hi there!

It has been a long day so far... We had lunch at my parents' house and then I came back home. My daughter came first and I came later because I was drying the dishes.

I was so fed up of everything that I went to bed to take a nap but I didn't sleep at all. It has been like that lately... I feel that my life is so dull that I need a break from it all by going to bed. It is my comfort time, bed time.

When I got up I was really angry at myself because I didn't do anything at all. So, now I am doing the laundry and I opened the front door. It gives me the feeling that it is another day or that air is coming in.

Well, I could start moaning about my parents and their ways but I am not feeling like that at the moment. I am ignoring them. That is the best thing I can do.

So, instead I am going to take care of my housework.

Good energy to all of us...