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2017-08-17 11:56:05 (UTC)

Morning routine

Good morning!
It is foggy and cold this morning. I have been to my parents' house to say hello and then I didn't want to stay there for too long. So, I am back home.

Right now, I am doing some laundry. I hope to get it all done today. I will be staying at home today. I might try to take a nap this afternoon because I am really tired today. I didn't sleep well again.

My husband thinks I am anxious because I am not sleeping all right. But this is due to my health condition which I don't wish to describe here anyway. I have spoken to my husband and we have decided that first we need to take my daughter to the doctor and I also need to go to the doctor so as I said before he might not come next year. Shame though... But he is not being able to get overtime in order to save money.

By the way, I am happy that I am fine and back to my way... I mean, not so anxious and sad. I will continue my life as I was doing before...

The TV is on but I am not really paying attention to what is being said at the moment. So, the noise is good because I don't feel alone.

Well, I still have to cook and then I will be free this afternoon.