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2017-08-17 03:11:26 (UTC)

A pinch of hope today

He was gone to pick up some Rx and a better cane for me when I got a call this morning from the insurance company. She wanted me to understand, or be sure that I understand that my doctor and the hospital are both out of their network? Well, I explained that I really do not have a choice since the other doctor who was in their network apparently could not read an MRI and told me that my knee was not bad enough to need replaced but the second opinion doctor was able to read it and explain why I can not walk and scheduled the surgery to replace it. I explained that I had already talk to the hospital who gave me the amount that we would have to pay upfront and that is what we agreed to do as I said - what choice do I have? She just wanted to be sure I understood. I did.

Then later I got a call from another lady who was explaining the same thing. I asked her if she was from the insurance company or the hospital since I had already spoken to both places and understood I was going to have to empty out our savings account to pay the amount upfront....well, this lady was from the doctors office. She said that she could schedule the surgery across the street to a hospital that is in my network...and it would save us a lot of money. So, I agreed to let her do that just so the same doctor does the surgery. In this case, they will pay 75% and we pay only 25% for the hospital instead of the 40% we had been stuck with....however, it will be on the 28th, not 21st. Good thing is...I will get to be home during the eclipse. But will have one more week to wait for the knee replacement. This is the same hospital that he had his hip replacement.. I hate the wait, but love the better deal. Hell, I could buy a new REA for what I was going to have to it will cost a bit less. She will call me tomorrow to let me know the amount. WHOA!!!

We got a little more cleaning done today. Before I knew we had more time and I was panicking. But now, I feel much better.
I had already sent a text to my daughter telling her to not worry about coming here to help us clean this weekend. One, now, she is off the hook to come and I won't be disappointed if she had not shown up. Two, we will have more time to do it ourselves. There is a place up the road that I can use. I just need to ride up there and talk to them about it.

Feeling better but still in pain.
Using WALKER but have much HOPE