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2017-08-16 18:32:33 (UTC)


Hi there!

I was very anxious about my mother but after we went to the supermarket together things improved. She wasn't so aggressive about things and she seemed willing to make up with me.

In the afternoon, my daughter and I went downtown. So, I had to drive there and we had coffee at the local cafeteria. Another one, I enjoy going. I must say that everything is so expensive that we can't afford eating outside of the house. Just once in a while.

So, it seems my husband won't come to see us because we have to pay for things such as maintenance of three air conditioners, doctors appointments and the last two installments of the washing machine. I wish we could be together. Let's see.

My daughter almost fainted two months ago. I guess she needs a blood test to see if she has something. Also, I will need to be going to the doctor.

Today it is a beautiful day here where I live. It started cloudy and miserable but now it is nice. I am having a good day so far. Hopefully I continue in peace.

Good energy to all of us...