The Girl With 4 Scars

The Girl With 4 Scars
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2017-08-16 05:54:55 (UTC)

The Girl With Many Crushes.

ugh.. ok, so, as you all know i have crush on one of my co workers. now, i have a crush on someone who works overnights.and someone who works as a cashier. I don't know what it is about him, but i always find myself looking for him when I go to the front. to put something away, or putting money away from my register. The minute, I start, talking to him i start to ramble. it's like, i forget, how to speak properly, and I make myself look like an idiot. And, this is with anyone I have a crush on. I'm excited to see them. and, I just want to start talking to them, or hope they start talking to me. and when, i do start talking sometimes what i'm saying doesn't make sense or is completely off topic. Basically, I just get so, excited when I see them, sometimes I can't control my emotions around whoever it is i have a crush on. and I just start to ramble.

Anyways, the guy, who is a cashier was working tonight.
And whenever I know he's working. And I have to go the front, to get something or put something. I automatically get nervous. I have, to make sure I don't look like shit when I get up there lol. there have been times, when, i didn't think he would be working, and i'll look like shit, and will feel really self conscious. Yesterday was a good example. I decided not to wear any makeup yesterday. Because, I was only scheduled for 4 hours, and my skin, has cleared up a little bit since, I started, using lush skin care products, so i don't feel, like i need to wear a whole lot of makeup anymore. even though I felt comfortable not wearing any makeup at all yesterday.

I was cleaning up the center aisle displays. and he came to the store on his day off. not sure what for.
as i was cleaning, he smiled and say hi on his way out. I then, realized, i had no makeup on. and suddenly became self conscious, knowing that he saw me just for a few seconds without makeup. don't know why that bothered me but it did.

also that day yesterday.
I went to the front get something. and saw his one co-worker he works with a lot. we'll call him, "Dustin" lol I saw him talking to one of the of the older ladies, who is also a cashier. I was, talking to another one of my co-workers. While Dustin, and the other cashier, were both looking at me. I could tell they were talking about me. Nothing negative. because they were both smiling. Like they know something I dont. I think the older lady was saying something to Dustin about someone liking me.

when I heard Dustin talk about the guy I have a crush on ( he doesn't know I like him though)
We'll call the cashier I have a crush on theo lol.

Anyways, I looked over at dustin and the other cashier.
and i hear him say

"I know theo does.."

Theo does what? i thought to myself. i immediately felt my face get warm. Did Dustin mean, that Theo likes me too?? Why would they both just be starring at me and smiling the whole time? it's like they know something i don't lol tempted to ask dustin what he meant by that. or if he'll even remember what he told the cashier.
i try not to write about work crushes. cause im afraid someone i work with will see this.