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2017-08-15 20:33:50 (UTC)

Emotions Defined

Mood: Very much mixed emotions
Song: Ugh
Color: Light Green

These are my current top three emotions, I know that as the day goes by my emotions change and that in the course of the day people feel countless emotions all over the place from rage to peacefulness from a sadness like depression to Happiness.
It happens, we are complex people.... our minds, our emotions, or daily experiences dictate what we might feel at any given moment now that being said that doesn't give us an excuse to act anyway we want, emotions are one thing, our choices are another...and we can choose how we act on things.
but i wonder if i calculated every emotion i felt in a day...how many would i write? how many would be repeated? anxiety, happiness, then anger, back to anxiety, to peacefulness, to feeling overwhelmed to feeling joy, back to anger, over to annoyance, back to sadness, then....blah blah blah the idea of writing it down sound exhausting....heck the idea of feeling it is exhausting and yet we do it every day the roller coaster of our feeling and emotions....for now i'm giving you the top 3 that i am feeling right at this very second......
And you tell me what are the top 3 things are you feeling at this very second, stop and really think about it...sometimes the exact feeling is harder to find and define than you think.

Indignation: Anger or annoyance provoked by what is perceived as unfair treatment.

This is the closest thing to describe or define the emotion i am feeling right now.
I am a little bit angry a lot a bit annoyed and above all that i feel sad and just... like how could you say that? how could you think that? what the heck is wrong with you? what the heck is wrong with your thought process? what the heck is wrong with the world?
I am shocked and yet i shouldn't be.

Tired: In need of sleep or rest, weary.

Yep this is also how i'm feeling lack of sleep mixed with the drama of the day makes me physically tired, emotionally tired, Mentally Tired, Spiritually tired.
I've been trying to think about my country and how it's going down hill and what i could do or should do to change it, I've been Physically running around cleaning, Cooking, and running errands,
I've been dealing with fights between my siblings and taking my Grandmothers blow off's and listening to her yell, vent and say hurtful things.
Things that i can't really talk about.
Not that there is anyone around here to talk to anyway.
and Spiritually i know that there is a spiritual battle going on and i feel like i've been fighting so hard and i just feel tired!

Wistful: Having or showing a feeling of vague or regretful longing.

I feel wistful... I feel Joy and happiness for those around me that are happy and that see to be getting what they want out of life, But i can't help feel a bit of a sadness for myself, which i guess it sad as in pathetic but it is what it is, i think you can feel Joy that someone you care about is happy while feeling sad that you, yourself aren't experiencing that thing.
And i know that what i'm feeling isn't jealousy because i don't really want what they have, i just want my own thing you know? my own story, my own joy, My own happiness....so it's wistful.