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2017-08-14 22:49:39 (UTC)

Deductibles and out of pocket expenses

We were schooled today at the hospital. She told us that our deductible had about 2600 more to go and the surgery would be 65k. My insurance only pays for 60%. So, we will be paying around 25k out of pocket. Everything else went ok. I was wheeled in there to do the test for pre-op and all that has been handled. The will call me on Friday to tell us what time to be there on Monday.

I told him we should just forget it and wait till the Medicare and supplement kicks in. He would not even talk about that. I told him it would be cheaper to get one of those electric chairs and to hire someone to stay here for me until he is not working anymore. He just said we would pay it all at once and that was it. No more discussion. He knows I am in pain and he does not like it. He feels helpless since he can not do anything to help me, but we can do this. He said we can use the other to do the other knee when that is needed.

So, I might not get my remodeling done like I wanted. But our hands are tied and this is happening next Monday.

My daughter should be coming to help me get this place ready for my return. But I will be calling her on Friday to be sure.
If she changes her mind, I got someone else as a back up.

It never stops......

Having sorry ass insurance is horrible. Many people can not pay for a surgery like this. This is why we see so many people
limping that are much younger than you would think....suck in pain with no where to go. We live in a very uncompassionate
world and the only people getting anything for us to even have insurance is the CEO's and politicians who line their pockets
often. Why in the world would they not fix it? Too many people are suffering and many of us can not retire. How can we?
Even with insurance, we need to have the funds to help pay for things when they go wrong. I am learning more each day
and feel very blessed.

I am ok with not getting the new floors or windows...

I figured that would fall through. Just did not realize it would be me that caused it.