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The Girl With 4 Scars
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2017-08-14 04:40:36 (UTC)

I TRIED to end it........

so I told him how I felt.
I told him, that I don't think, i'm cut out, for a friends with benefits type of relationship.
and that I wanted something a little more than just friends with benefits.
that I would like it to lead somewhere down the road.

he had originally told me that it was my choice if I wanted to end it.
and he seemed okay with it.

but then he says:
Him: Okay I understand, if you want to do it again let me know.
I joke around saying: So basically, you'll be there if I need any hot action until I figure things out? lol
Him: Yes, if you like.
Me: I'll message you if I change my mind. right now I just need to disconnect a little.
Him: Well, like I said. if you wanna do it let me know.
( he typed something dirty after this.... but i'm not gonna share that lol )

now... correct me if Im wrong here...
if this was just a friends with benefits thing. Why would he presist on sleeping with me AGAIN? When, I was trying to end it?? Most of the time, it's like ok thanks for the sex don't go saying that you'll still sleep with them, even though the other person is trying to figure things out and what they want.. you just ditch them right??

but he STILL wants to do it! even though I tried to end it... this has me all confused..
or maybe he just doesn't like that fact that the girl is trying to leave him and he wants to be the one to end.

so not this tues but next tues. we're going to do it again. i have all week to think about ending it for good.
I want to do it at least one more time with him. cause i mean..... lets be real here the sex is pretty great.

what are your thoughts?