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2017-08-13 17:20:35 (UTC)

Rain related to frustration


My daughter and I had lunch in my parents' house. It is was a bit strange because my mother and I didn't exchange a word. I was not motivated to talk to her and she seemed to be in her little world, in her mobile. Well, I really don't want to talk about her or about the discussion we had. I had enough of that.

I am back home doing some laundry and typing some words here. I had a miserable night of sleep again. At the moment, I feel more frustrated than anything else. But I carry on hoping the future will bring some change. I am not feeling depressed but I feel that life could offer us more. But hey that is the life I have at the moment. I feel that I need to move on with my life but all my life is now related to my husband's life as well. We really need to wait him to retire so that we can really plan our future.

The weather here is ugly... rainy and cold four out standard but it is OK. It is going to continue like that for sometime. I am already fed up of the rain... but I guess I relate rain to my boring life and than it doesn't match.

It is just another day for me. The difference is that I didn't have to cook because my father did. By the way, today is Father's day here in Brazil. I gave my father a hug and wished him good things. All I could do considering I don't have money to give him a present.

I guess I will spend the afternoon doing the laundry. But I will try to spend some time online as well to distract myself.

So, good energy to all of us!