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2017-08-13 16:48:50 (UTC)

Sunday preparations

My daughter brought my car back yesterday. Should was going to bring it Friday but I told her to wait so she did not have to deal with traffic over there. She lives on the other side of Charlotte from me. So, she and my granddaughter brought is pretty early. We got to visit a while filling them in on my upcoming surgery and situation here. They are coming back next weekend to help get my home in order for my return after surgery. I was going to hire a service, but would rather let them do it as I am not too interested in a bunch of people knowing my business. I do not want visitors. I never have understood that about society.

When my friend had her back surgery, she had visitors immediately Every damn night, they started. She was all up in the air about her hair, make up and should have only been concerned about her getting better. None of them offered to help get her house ready. None of them. People put their priorities in the wrong order. At least that is how I see it.

When people say "let me know if you need anything", usually they are hoping you do not call or ask. But they feel better by simply saying those words. Instead of just saying, do not worry about your grass, I will make sure that is handled, then say let me know if you need anything else. By hearing someone say, well, so and so said they were going to take care of my yard till I can handle it...hearing those words can initiate people to say "well, I will come over a couple times a week and do your laundry...or go shopping for you. See how saying things and offering can snowball into everyone being in a lane where they feel helpful and are really being so?

Anyway....feels good to have my car back. But it does not feel good not being able to ride in it.

I go in the morning very early by 7:30 for my pre-surgery stuff...where they check me out real good to make sure I am worthy health wise of having the surgery. He is not going to put me all the way to I will be in total lala land and will not remember anything. I hope I do not confess to the surgery team of any committed crimes. But you never know. Hell I might wake up in hand cuffs. LOL

My daughter let me know that she heard that scientist can not come up with where the RH Neg. Blood came from here on earth, so they are assuming those of us with it are descendants of aliens. Well, after hearing that, I reminded her of my Alien encounter when I was very young. You should have seen my granddaughters face when I told them that I remember levitating to the ceiling...and back down to my bed....several times. LOL room is so nasty. These guys here can not even fold a friggin towel. Can you believe it?

And when I say I need the floor mopped, it is sticky nasty. They say, Ah, it is fine. So, I have no choices here
but to ask for help. I do not want nurses all in here thinking we live like

When all of you are watching the Eclipes Monday the 21st...I will be in la la land watching my good looking surgeon give me a new knee. I am so looking forward to it too. Not sure if I will stay in hospital or come home that day. At this point I do not care. I already been walking with the walker. I will tell you this....for those of you are like me and have horrible upper arms...meaning they look ridiculous....I am always wearing a sweater or something with sleeves to cover the eye sores up.....walking with a walker will help with that. First day I did arms were so sore the next day, I had to break out ice packs. My arms are actually getting stronger and look a little tighter each day. So, hey, if nothing else, at least I got that. Something good to report.