The Girl With 4 Scars

The Girl With 4 Scars
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2017-08-13 05:08:18 (UTC)

Going to call it off....

I think, im going to call the whole thing off with Danny. I feel like i am in competition with all of his girl friends that are on facebook. and I feel like he's just too much of a flirt.

I understand, that he's had these friends waaay before he even met me. like years before. but, i would like to be, with someone, who is somewhat interested in the things I have to say. kind of feel like he couldnt care either way.

plus, im still not happy that he gives the time of day to this married stalker friend of his. and is so quick to respond to her but completely ignored my last text.

its not going to be easy. i am thankful, that he was willing to sleep with me, given my situation. but, i just feel like, im competing with all these girls. just seeing the way he comments back so quickly them just annoys me.

it will be interesting to see what his response will be. it's going to be hard for me though. because, a part of me, wants to be with him, and do what we're doing. but, another part of me, is insecure and feeling un wanted. and the minute, i start feeling like this, is when i know i should get out while i can.

this is going to be hard. i hope it doesnt turn into a huge mess. but i hate "being with someone." thats making feel this way.