The Girl With 4 Scars

The Girl With 4 Scars
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2017-08-13 00:11:04 (UTC)

i just have to accept the fact...

that im not the girl, guys wants to have relationships with. I dont really, even believe, that love exists to be honest. i feel like, people get pressured into dating. because all their friends are in relationships. and they feel like, if they dont have someone, they wont be able to hang out with their friends. because, they'll all be doing couple things. and will be left out.

i think, we all think, that there is that "perfect" someone out there for us. but honestly, it's just, what we were brought up to believe. to believe that love exists. the reality though. a lot of use just settle.

we settle, because, we know its better to be with someone. than to be alone. and then call it "love." so we can show our friends how "happy" we are. just because have someone.

to be honest. im not sure how i feel about danny. i mean, i like him. and i enjoy his company, and he doesnt, make feel, embarrassed about certain things in my life.

but he doesn't really give me "butterflies." when he does text me. im just like oh ok... he doesnt really make me happy, happy. if you get what im saying. maybe its becuase our "relationship" is still new. maybe over time , ill grow into those type of feelings. but im i'm not sure. i think, i have just shielded myself, so much to not feel anything, so that way it doesnt hurt AS much if something doesnt work out with someone.

i think im just going to stop trying to date. not like anyone wants to anyways. instead, im going to focus on my health again. exercise more. i started driving which is exciting. and will be getting my license toward the end of september im hoping. maybe when i get my license things will get better and more opportunities will open for me.