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2017-08-12 19:53:47 (UTC)

Horrible weather but peaceful day

Hi there!

It is drizzly and going out of the house is an effort as well... although I would be quite happy to leave the house. I still didn't vacuum the floor. I guess I will sweep the floor.

My mother told me that the cleaner is not going to clean her house anymore. I don't know about ours. It is going to be difficult if she doesn't come to clean our house. I would have to do that, the heavy cleaning by myself. Let's see. So, I don't know if she is coming on Monday. Let's see!

This morning I prepared some easy lunch and did some laundry. I am quite happy I have done that. I feel useful if I do some housework.

I am much better from the conflict I had with my mother. But as I thought she bought some small decoration for the house. So, for that she has the money but for dying her hair she doesn't. Anyway, she knows how I feel about it now.

My husband called me and I was resting for a while although I didn't sleep. It is a waste of time to try to sleep during the afternoon. Last night, I could not sleep properly so I thought about recovering my sleep but it didn't work.

When I chatted with him he was tired. He said if he has the money to visit us he will come. I hope so though.

Tomorrow we will have lunch at my parents' house. I hope to have a peaceful morning as my mother will be around.

So, good energy to all of us!