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2017-08-11 23:22:50 (UTC)

Don't forget who you are and where you come from

Mood: Inspired
Song: Oh Lord by NF
Color: Red

So i was reading an entry by a friend and she was writing about how Her Daughter was speaking with more of an American twang than That of an Australian accent, because of TV and movies or whatever.
She was talking about how America is basically just rubbing off on everything and how it's kind of changing other cultures and stuff and that made me sad....
I'm American and i Love my county.
It's not perfect there are things i don't like absolutely but i would never say that i wasn't blessed to have been born in a free country where i have all this opportunity cause I've been to countries where you literally have nothing...
I'm blessed to be where i'm from and there are things in my own culture that i love and embrace and don't want to lose....
and that's also how i feel about other countries and other places....
I don't want them to lose their culture....that idea is really sad.
don't lose the accent, the history, the traditions and all the good things that make where you are in the world great.

Now there are things that the US does really well and i can understand wanting to copy that (obviously the us does that cause we copy other countries too)
but that doesn't mean you change everything.... that would be horrible that if in 50 years everywhere looked and acted the same???

I think that every country including the US should do the following:

Embrace all the good things about your culture.
Change the bad things because you learn from the past.
Pass on the traditions from years passed and make a point of it being important.
Governments need to put God first and then the people in that order before everything else.
If you don't like where something is going be a help to change it to the positive.
Don't forget where you come from and who you are and be proud of it.... we are all beautiful people from beautiful places with beautiful stories and origins with the power to hold on to the past and grab hold of the future.

I am blessed to have traveled to other country's that are beautiful in so many ways.
I am even more blessed to personally know and have friendships with people from other country's and that is amazing it's amazing our differences and our similarity's and how we can learn from each other and embrace each other for who we are.
I want to see their cultures and see their lives as they are not make them like me or visa versa.
the beauty is in the difference.