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2017-08-11 18:29:17 (UTC)

Dreams related to the future

Hello people!

It is raining here but not strongly. I wish today was a different day but it is a common day for me. I have done my housework but I didn't feel like vacuuming the house. I will probably do it tomorrow as I don't need to get up early.

As I thought it would happen my mother went out with my aunt and didn't invite me to go with her. I have no idea where she has gone. I guess she probably went to some decoration store as she likes to do. It is funny because I put the petrol in the car and she uses it as she has paid for it. As I am fed up of her I don't mind to be at home. Better to have a break from her. I haven't been really in touch with my mother. I have been in my parents' house to talk to my father and it has been like that.

The thing is I keep a secret that my mother hides from my father. I guess she will dye and I won't reveal it to him. Anyway, they deserve each other. My father doesn't want to see what is in front of him. He is blind and it is not me who will open his eyes.

My mother threatened me a couple of times and this is not nice. Nothing related to the secret I keep but she told me she would not take me out and she is doing that.

Anyway, enough of my mother.

This morning I have spoken to my husband and he is all right... He sent me a book named "Wathing the English" by Kate Fox. It is an interesting book. I asked him to send me as a present. I am enjoying it. I am just in the beginning.. I am not used anymore to reading and I guess that is normal because I only write here and that is it. I wish I could study again. Maybe in the future...

All my dreams are related to future. I cannot make any plans for now. My husband is miles away. We are waiting for him to retire. So, it is like that at the moment. Right now, he is working.

I feel so restricted here. I wish I could do something different but I don't know what. I am waiting for a new beginning in my life even when I am older. Because I will be older not matter what.

I could use the car more often but it seems that my mother has the same plan. It is annoying the whole situation. I don't have any car. The old car belongs to my father. I put petrol in order to take my daughter to school and that is it.

I don't Know if I can call this family. I would like to tell and write more things about them but I feel that here is not the moment. So, I just speak superficially about them.

Well, I still dream about a different life... I hope my husband will be right about his plans for the future and about our future. I hope so.

For now, I am a housewife and I take care of my daughter... It has been really difficult to be where I am at the moment.

Anyway, good energy to all of us!