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2017-08-10 19:58:08 (UTC)

Two cars down

The daughter has my car. Picked it up on Sunday. I asked her about when she was bringing it back and she texted me that they (meaning the mechanics ) were looking at her car which was last night. She has had my car all week and never mind. I should have known. I did not want to tell her too much about the upcoming surgery, just that I have a important appointment on Monday and I need my car since I can not drive his truck too well. Actually his truck is in the shop. I only hope they can get it fixed. Hard to believe the nightmare we lived through driving that damn thing through the worse traffic in Charlotte. We are lucky to be alive and also that we did not cause the death or severe injury to someone else as there were many people on the road. All driving way too fast which made it hard my excellarator was stuck and getting faster. I burned his brakes up...all the way to the floor and nothing. I was just moment away from using the emergency brakes. But now, it is in shop and I hope they know what they are doing since this is the same thing they were supposed to fix last time it was there.

Big Brother is going to be so good tonight. I am so excited about this eviction. Jessica should be voted out, but if they think it is Raven easting all the food, they may evict her. I believe Cody is throwing the food away and using an entire dozen when he cooks breakfast just to waste the food. He had already mentioned that part of his game play will be to use up or toss the food. They just now realized it last night after the pizza party.

Speaking of last night. Elena and Mark got it on full throttle right before 1am. And before 2, he was pleasing himself, and you could hear her say are you almost there.....I will catch it in my mouth. SHE SAID THAT....but when I went back to watch it again, they must have edited some of it out.

This is the nastiest bunch they have had in a few yrs. Hard to take for real. But still hard to not watch it.
I am exhausted.

His brother drove here to take him to doctor today and has been here to take him to get his truck when it is fixed. But they have not called yet. So, he is napping in the den that my husband uses. I got a little bit of stuff done today. But not too much. I was going to cook a lunch for them to have ready when they returned from the doctors but I ordered pizza instead. It turned out ok.

That room is so dirty. I am almost embarrassed that he is laying on the sofa. I ask my husband if he wanted me to get him a fresh
pillow and blanket? He said no. So, his brother is laying in nasty. My son and husband and now brother in law are all raised in a barn kind of people I guess. I worry about nasty surfaces. They do not.

Since I am still having a hard time getting around, it just is not a big deal.
I will have someone in here next week to do a good deep cleaning before he nurse and therapy person is in and out of here.

Then I can attempt to get back to normal....if I can remember what that is.