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2017-08-10 11:30:38 (UTC)

Routine as awalys

Good morning!

Hi. I am doing some laundry today and tomorrow I hope to vacuum the house.

I haven't been in my parents' house at all this morning. It is because I knew my mother would be awake if I went there. I am trying to live my life and that is it. My father sent me a message asking if everything was OK. I am really fine and in peace after all those discussions. I hope to continue like that.

The only thing that annoys me is not going out. OK, I went out this morning and took my daughter to school but then I call this routine and I sometimes find it boring...

Well, I still have to cook this morning... I have some risotto from yesterday that my daughter wants to eat and then I will prepare something easy for myself.

So, life continues... I have spoken to my husband and he is fine. He was busy when I called him.

As I don't have anything else to report at the moment...good bye...

Good energy to all of us!