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2017-08-09 06:03:43 (UTC)

Strong People #1

Mood: Putting off responsibility
Song: Secret Valentine by We the Kings
Color: Light Pink

I was thinking today about people i know that maybe are over looked or underestimated or just not appreciated fully for who they are and what they've been through and worked through to make it to the age that they are, to where they are in life.
People who are stronger than the seem and who i think are amazing for one reason or another or for many reasons.
Now the people who are going to be mentioned are all kind of different and make the list for different reasons because they all come from different walks of life.
But i feel like they deserve to be acknowledged even if it's only by me..... which isn't much admittedly.
But that just goes along with the whole live life to the fullest and say what you feel like you should say while your still here to say it.
And so that's what i'm going to try to do...it's in no particular order and i'm not going to go into a lot of detail.

1. James
Despite people constantly giving up on him he doesn't as a rule give up on other people.
He may get mad and angry may walk away for a while but he always comes back he always comes around.
He knows that The drama won't last but Friendships and Family will.
all my conversations with him weather in person or not, good and positive or even when we disagree and have a fight, end in the following words and have since we were in Jr. High. "I love you"
and so....
I think he's a strong person for overcoming drugs, for moving away from a place he was used to to somewhere new because he needed to make some life changes. I think he's strong for finding and working multiple Jobs, I think he's strong because he's finding his faith again,
It's not to say he won't ever mess up again but he keeps trying and i think that in of it's self is mark of a strong person other wise he'd just give up.

2. B
My Friend B is strong because she despite being hurt by people multiple times in multiple ways opens herself up to people and to friendships.
She's strong because She tries to always look on the bright side and how things can go right instead of how things can go wrong, She tries to help and be there for people in any way she can which means that she sacrifices her own time and resources and even her health if she has someone she cares about in need.
She's strong because she's able to forgive people that have hurt her.....which i know from experience that is sometimes one of the hardest things you do in life....
She Like most people who will be on this list is strong because despite all the circumstances in life that knock her down and seem to say that you can't win, you can't make it, you should just give up, She chooses to keep going because she knows that God has a purpose for her life and that through him she can do all things.

3. Jay
Jay is strong because he continues to live, and try and be.
He want's to help people.
He's strong because through all the injury's and multiple near death experiences he finds something to smile and laugh and joke about.
He's strong because he's lived through the loss of his parents at too young of an age.
He's strong because he's a nurse and he's had to keep his cool and help people through some really crazy and intense situations.
He's one of those people that....seem to have an endless supply of chances at life....and he just continues to take them, to travel and see the world, To spend time with Jade and be a good Boyfriend to her, to Talk to me, To work, to study, to just live.

I think i will leave this entry on my lucky number 3 but i do think i will continue this at a later date.
cause i know a lot of strong people in my life.... i think you have to be strong to live life....but also to not let it make you a bitter person.
We all have things that have happened to us that are absolutely horrible, unfair, Wrong, and that could give us the perfect excuse to just throw our hands up and say "I'm done" but that's the common theme of the people above.... that through out it all, despite all the reason that all three of the people i mentioned above shouldn't be here and there are a lot of them....
They are and they keep trying and that inspires me.
and i'm thankful to know them.
I hope that they continue to Be strong and to Live life to it's absolute fullest because they deserve to see and experience amazing thing and have great friends and great Husbands and wives and children and Memories and the whole shebang.
I wish these people Peace, and Joy. Happiness of course but above that Joy because you can have that in even bad circumstances.
I hope you know how strong you are, How far you've come, how far you've still got to go and how Amazing of a life you all have, how exciting of a time that your living in.
And how much God love's you, How through it all he's still watching and still has a plan for you and a purpose for everything that has happened and will happen.
I know that at least two people on this list do know those things cause they've heard them all their lives...but it never hurts to be reminded specially when life its just rough like it is now for all three of you.
Keep hanging in there. I'm praying for you all and i'm always here for you.

I love you all.