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2017-08-09 01:46:36 (UTC)


What a day this has been. We left early to be sure to beat the traffic in Charlotte. I drove his truck since I loaned by HHR to my daughter this week. Here we were going up hwy 16 and I kept going faster and faster. Kept patting the brakes to slow down...eased off brakes and next thing I know I was going faster than intended again...I merged onto hwy 74 going east and I was going 70 MPH. I pat the brake again...barely helped. I finally realized something is wrong with the damn truck. HOLY SHIT. I merges onto WENDOVER going toward doctors office and told my husband something was not right. He agreed saying this is what they were supposed to fix when it was in the shop last. So, about three stop lights....I turned into the parking lot of the doctor office....and I did not know for sure if I could get that truck stopped. I know the brakes are gone, as I smelled it when I got out. I told him as we walked toward the building that smell is your brakes or what was your brakes.

So, we get signed in. I called my son, who was at home today. THANK GOD! Told him to head that way cause I was going to need a ride home and we called a tow truck to meet us there to take the truck and my husband to the garage who we planned on picking up later.

The doctor did some x-rays. Several in fact. Then he was able to look at the MRI for from last month and went over it with us. He said that it is true, I have minor arthritis under my knee cap, but way too much on the inner side to scrap out, and it was time to get a new knee. I was ok with that. Glad to hear it. I had to talk to his surgery scheduler and then my husband and I sat out at the truck with my son until the tow truck came. My son and I left in his little truck. Mind u this is rush hour. Lines of cars on every road. What does my son say?

Gee mom, my gas light is on. I forgot to get any. OH SHIT, Neither of us have any idea where we are. So, he had to use his phone to get to the closest gas station.....which sent us through neighborhoods taking lefts on roads that were we risk it and took a right instead...and lucked up finding one. By the time we got to the garage to pick up my husband, I was sure he would have been waiting a long time. But we saw the tow truck pulling out. We called someone else to come pick up my son and my husband and I drove his little truck home getting food on the way. He said they got caught up in same traffic we did. surgery to replace my knee is set for the 21st this month. I will have a nurse and rehab person to come here three times a week for a while...and back to see the doc in 6 weeks. DONE...

I am so happy to finally be getting this taken care of. Got to do the per-surgery text probably next week.....of course....and the next Monday......we on.