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2017-08-08 17:43:54 (UTC)


Hi there...

The day started really low... But I had to be ready to go to the supermarket first thing in the morning. I could not stare at my mother's face. Neither of us said anything. There a was a terrible silence in the air. The trip to the supermarket was quiet and long. I guess it will be that from now on.

Last night, I went to my parents' house to get the car key and we end up arguing much more. I said to her she would have money to go to the hairdresser if she didn't spend it in small items for the house. Also, said I am afraid of her. That she is always threatening me. It is like you do my hair or you don't go out with me to the mall... or I won't take you to the doctor and so on. In the end, it is sad that our relationship became an exchange and not an affection on, like mother and daughter. It looks more like a business than something else.

Even though, it was weird being near her again, we had our breakfast at the bakery they have inside of the supermarket. The journey back home was again a long one. I was relieved that I arrived at home and I was with my daughter.

We had our lunch, roasted chicken and then I started doing the laundry. I still have to put another load in the washing machine but I will do tomorrow morning as it is going to be a long day.

I have spoken to my husband three times so far... He is all right. He is back at work tomorrow morning. So, I guess he will be tired by the end of the day.

Last night, I was very miserable. It is difficult to stay at home all the time. I hope I can change that in the future. Let's see. Well, right now I am better from the discussion I had and I feel that only time can heal my pain. It is difficult not to have my husband around and I still miss what I had in England. Let's hope our dreams come true, right...

I will continue to keep my dreams alive during this difficult time and we will see... Good energy to all of us!