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2017-08-08 05:15:21 (UTC)

Today's Top 10's

Mood: Wondering
Song: You're beautiful by James Blunt
Color: Peach

I usually do things like this with my niece Chloe or with friends when i have them as a guest writer and it's to capture them in that moment in that year and have something to look back on and see how things change and so i decided to do one for myself so that maybe years from not i will look back and see how maybe the answers to these questions might have changed some over time.
Each is a category which i will then list ten things that go with it. *Shrugs* very simple really.
so just getting to it then....... (needless to say these lists are in no particular order)

P;aces you most want to visit right now
1. Australia
2. India
3. Israel
4. Ireland
.5. Russia
6. Ecuador
7. Iceland
8. Greece
9. Rome
10. Philippines

10 Concerts you'd want to go to
1. Ed Sheeran
2. The Fray
3. Taylor Swift
4. For King and country
5. 21 Pilots
6. The Goo Goo Dolls
7. The Beatles
8. Micheal Jackson
9. Bon Jovi
10. Phil Collins
(There are literally so many...to may to even really narrow down these are just the fist ones that came to mind at this very moment and yes i realize that some are impossible -_-)

Things that Make me Happy
1. Laughter
2. My friends
3. My family
4. Music
5. Travel
6. Photography
7. Writing
8. Dan and Phil videos
9. Getting mail/Letters
10. Swimming

Best experiences in life thus far
1. Traveling (London, Thailand, Africa, The US)
2. Accepting Christ
3. Laughing with friends and realizing how much you enjoy their existence.
4. Going on a cruise
5. Snorkeling or a coral reef
6. Riding a 40 year old Elephant in Thailand and seeing an Elephant Show
7. Going to Africa with the people that inspired me to do missions in the first place.
8. Leading other people to Christ
9. Having Penpals in other countries.
10. Speaking in front of large groups of people(even if it is terrifying)

The last songs you've listened to
1. You are beautiful by James Blunt
2. Mr. Bright side by The killers
3. Welcome to the black parade by My Chemical Romance
4. A drop in the Ocean by Ron Pope
5. Mansion by NF
6. Malibu By Miley Cyrus
7. Something Just like this by Coldplay and the Chain smokers
8. The call by Regina Specktor
9. Half way right By linkin Park
10. I'll be there by the Jackson 5

Fears you have
1. Spiders/ Bugs things that crawl
2. Elevators
3. Rejection
4. Betrayal
5. Being misunderstood
6. Awkward situations
7. Disappointing those i love
8. Not doing and seeing all i want to do and see.
9. Not telling people about Christ and being responsible for peoples lives/deaths
10. Losing my Family/Friends

Things you hate
1. Lying.
2. When people react to something(like on their phones) and you ask what it was and they say "nothing" and won't tell you.
3. Being sick
4. Death.
5. Cancer
6. Secrets
7. Business meetings
8. Politics, in government, in Churches, in just about anything.
9. Leaving, no matter who's the one having to do it./Goodbyes
10. Change

Jobs/Careers you've considered doing in your life time
1. Vet
2. Teacher
3. Photographer
4. Physical Therapist
5. Writer
6. Counselor/Therapist
7. Flight attendant
8. Missionary
9. Chef
10. Social Worker

Names you Like but would never use for your Children
1. Blaise
2. Thayer
3. Lawrence (Laurie)
4. Sawyer
5. Damian
6. Ginger
7. Saige
8. Rowan
9. Hazel
10. Adrian

Things(not pets or people) that you'd save from your burning house
1. Bible
2. Pictures
3. Phone
4. Camera
5. Computer
6. 22 year old Childhood toys
7. Special box (is filled with all the special things from when i was a kid to now, plus my twin brothers clothes/blanket)
8. Cards, letters, notebooks
9. Sentimental Jewelry (Picture necklace from my parents, Class ring, Grandparents wedding rings, Grandma's jewelry ect.)
10. Books.

Favorite Games to play
1. Farkle
2. Phase 10
3. Poker
4. Scrabble
5. Rummycube
6. Mexican Train
7. Boggle
8. 21
9. Trouble
10. Yahtzee

Questions without Answers
1. Why did you name me and Levi what you did? why was it important and or special?
2. Do you think about us?
3. Why would you choose to live sad and angry when you don't have to?
4. Do you regret stabbing us in the back now that you've realized what you had when we were there?
5. Why are you acting like i don't know what i'm talking about?
6. Why do you keep making excuses to do things you know are wrong?
7. Are we still friends?
8. When will people realize that they don't know everything about me?
9. Why wouldn't you want to believe in something more?
10. Will looking into your eyes and talking to you actually bring closure?

Things you still want to learn
1. To play the Guitar
2. To play the Piano
3. To speak Languages fluently
4. To sign fluently
5. To draw better
6. To dance (waltz ect.)
7. Flirt without being ridiculous
8. Let things go easier
9. Crochet, Knit sew(i know the basics of sewing)
10. Origami

The TV shows you've last watched
1. Girl meets world
2. Vampire diary's
3. Pretty little liars
4. Boy meets world
5. Friends
6. M*A*S*H*
7. Reba
8. Gilmore girls
9. Hey Arnold
10. Doctor Who

Animals you love:
1. Owls
2. Elephants
3. Turtles
4. Dogs
5. Dolphins
6. Hawks
7. Foxes
8. Kangaroos
9. Chameleons
10. Horned Toads

Words i use alot
1. Wow
2. Struggle
3. Amazing
4. Sheesh
5. beautimous
6. Legit
7. Nice!
8. Peace
9. Brilliant
10. Great.

That's all for now.