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2017-08-07 12:52:35 (UTC)

Life is not that bad...


It is another day and I am happy it is Monday. It always gives me the idea that things will improve and that life will be better. I know that sometimes I complain but my life is not that bad. I lack social contact with people but I have a pretty normal life. I do have good things in my life...

This morning I started the day with my breakfast and after that I took my daughter to school. She is so grown up... It is nice to see that she is an adolescent. After that I went to my parents' house to say hello to my father.

My family has always been there for me when I needed. Well, most of the time I guess. Sometimes we argue but they are my family.

This morning I have done the beds, swept the floors and washed the dishes and dried them all. So, now I just have to cook lunch and I am done with the housework... ha ha ha...

My husband is fine and I have spoken to him twice this morning. He went to the supermarket... I don't know if he is back... I have to call him again.

Well, my pretty boring routine is about to continue as I am doing the laundry. As soon as I finish this entry I am going to start lunch. It is a bit early but I am hungry...

So, good energy to all of us. Life continues...and it is a beautiful sunny day here where I live. See you soon my diary.