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2017-08-07 04:52:53 (UTC)

10 Word stories again

Mood: Board
Song: Everybody Talks by Neon Trees
Color: Green

I can't decide if i like this song or hate it????????
Anyway's on to some ten word story's Random things that have come to mind of the past week or so.

"It's Nice to have friends to chase the tears away"

"Why do you have to stare me down like that?"

" You tend to go back to what feels like home"

"I love when friends send me music that they love"

"Can we get this back to how it used to be?"

"I miss you even though i'm the one that said goodbye"

"You are something i will take my whole life through"

"It's time for some Gryffindor courage and daring risky bravery"

"Ever done the right things just at the wrong time?"

"Do you think of me like i think of you?"

"Hope breeds eternal misery is the biggest lie ever"

"I don't give up on people, people give up on me"

"You can fool everyone with your lies but not me"

"i wish you wouldn't try to grow up so fast"

"There is nothing more brave than showing that you care"

" I think we are all a little bit lost today"

"Lets just get together in the dark for horror moves"

"Can the homebody finally just let the gypsy run?"

"Hang in there guys everything is going to be alright"

"I give so please don't take what you don't need from me"

"it's a secret but 11:11 is still only for you"

"would you ever really strike a match on wasted time?"

"Distance doesn't matter when you've got no real decided destination"

"I remember what the roller coaster of your emotions felt like"

"It's a funny story really but grey was never my thing"

"it will take time for you to really know me"

"What's the difference between me and you? You always leave"

"Today all sound annoys me, nothing soothes not even music"

"Draw a picture, Draw a line, there was never enough time"

"i want to meet you anew to have the pleasure again"

"Make me Laugh,Even make me cry that is Friendship"

"what if you could watch your dreams on a big screen?"

"We are far to young to feel this freaking old"

"Where you see brokenness i can look and see beauty"

That's all for now...