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2017-08-07 04:00:25 (UTC)

Sunday Whoa...

Took a ride looking at some property doing a ride by. I can barely walk today. I was riding for about an hour. Then, I stopped in at a place to get something to eat and a cold beer. Sat at their outdoor area for a while. It was so cold inside, the warmth of the sun was a welcome change. Got home to a call from my daughter who needed to borrow my car. I thought she meant Wednesday and Thursday until I heard her say I will be right there. She brought two of the girls. And the one with that car we bought. First time he got to see it. Me either really. It actually looks great. Leather seats...real nice paint job, very impressive. She said she it was running real good too.

They stayed a while. Asking a lot of questions about my knees and his eye. I guess she actually read my letters. Sounded like she has matured some so maybe going to California helped her see things in a new light. It felt good to have them here.

Then, later in the day, my son brought his friends here to get the dinning table I want out of here. It is finally gone.

So, although I have no car this week, things are being handled. I have ordered the new notary stamp too. Have nothing to do but
try to get another doctor to help me. He wants me to call the doctor he went too. He is calling the ones in this outfit I been going too a bunch of quacks. I am agreeing with him. Shots not working. They say my arthritis is not bad enough to justify a knee replacement although 2 of them wanted me to schedule the surgery. What is it? I think it is the insurance being shitty as hell. But one thing remains, I need to have something done if at all possible. Or else I will be waiting until Dec or next year.

Had a pretty good day.
Still feel like shit