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2017-08-06 16:28:05 (UTC)

Long day ahead

Hi there!

We just returned from my parents' house. As usual we had lunch there. I am quite glad that my mother joined us for lunch. My parents keep arguing a lot lately... Also, I argued with my mother as well... but this was last Thursday... Anyway, she seems to be talking to me again...

This morning was very cold... I am a bit tired of the winter although I like it, sometimes because I am slim I feel cold easily. So, today is one of these day and I am a bit cold. Well, my hands are cold I guess.

It has been a long Sunday... I haven't done a lot of housework... Just washed some dishes and right now I am doing some laundry. But I am bored, believe me.

I spoke to my husband three times. He is all right... he got a sunburn because he was cleaning out the garden shed for his sister as they are moving to another house.

Yesterday we had lunch in the mall. My father took us there so that we could eat salmon and shrimp stroganoff. It was delicious and I over ate. I am trying to loose some weight because I feel I have put some weight even though I am slim. The problem is around the belly I guess... but never mind. I stopped walking but I was doing all right.

So, I am going to find something to do...

Good energy to all of us.