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2017-08-05 22:55:17 (UTC)

Weekend round up

Yesterday, I was having a pretty good day. So, I took my paper for Notary and went to the court house to be sworn in. I was lucky enough to have handicap parking up front and the office was not far inside the door. I went in and did my thing and come on back home. I was so happy to have that over with. So, I took off the bra and put on a gown and then the phone rang. The lady who swore in me ( I had to take an oath) needed me to come back so I could sign their copy. I was there to have it renewed. I have been a notary for a while, so, I went on back up there...and on my way home, stopped at the store to pick up cookies for him. I was still ok.

Until this morning. I am sore as hell and can barley move. Both legs hurt.
I feel like shit.