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2017-08-04 20:29:13 (UTC)

My daughter's birthday

Hi there!

Today is my daughter's birthday. I prepared for us a chocolate cake and a lazagne. We had a good day. My parents came here and
my nephew as well. I didn't prepare a party... Just food for the day... as we normally have.

I spoke with my husband several times I guess. It is like that... We keep talking to each other. It is good because I don't feel so far from him but it is difficult sometimes.

This morning I did some housework and then I cooked and washed dishes practically the whole morning. At the moment, I am feeling a bit tired and fed up because I am not doing anything interesting. Life is dull...

Yesterday I went out but just to the supermarket. My mother and I had coffee there but we ended up fighting. So, things are not very good between us.

Anyway, just another long day but I survive.

Good energy to all of us.