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2017-08-03 23:00:26 (UTC)

Touching base

She actually got in touch with me yesterday asking questions about a for sale by owner who was trying to do it themselves and did not understand the process. At the end, if they ask us to help, we can give them general information, but this time, I directed her to have him to talk to the attorney handling the under contract transaction. We can not give legal advice. She texted back and forth a while about that, then she called me saying she thinks he is going to try to get out of it, or if it does not work out, he wants to let her list it. Good deal. Then we talked about another one she has that needs to start moving. Once she puts it back on the market the phone will start ringing. She had so many offers before it was crazy. I suggested she make it active on Friday so she will be available to go over offers and do the things expected of her.
She did not ask me to help.

I did not tell her anything about what is going on with me. But when she calls wanting me to handle something, I am just going to have to let her know that I can not. I can not walk far enough to go into a store, I need to go to the courthouse, but that is out for now. I am not walking in there with a walker. I have one that I can use, but I am not going to use it anywhere but at home.

He worked out in the yard today, cutting down a tree and burning some debree ( limbs and trees etc. ) While he was out there, I took a shower. I honestly felt strong enough then to go on to the courthouse and get that swearing in done. I sat down a little while after getting dressed, and when I stood up to start getting ready for all that; I felt a sharp pain in my knee and almost fell to the floor. So, back to the seat I went and was there most of the day. I really hate this.

The boss will be calling soon to list a house and I am only hoping that I am able to go meet him, take photos and handle the listing agreement. I wish I could get him to do all that. LOL But he is the boss. DANG IT....

I am really enjoying Big Brother this season. I am in the BB Backyard Chat. The only time I am in a chatroom any shape or form.
I am ScreenedNporch in stop in if you want.