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2017-08-02 12:42:02 (UTC)

A bit of my routine

Good morning!

I woke up very early today because my daughter has returned to school. I didn't have my breakfast immediately because I wasn't hungry. I had my morning shower just to be wide awake.

This morning I am not so busy... I have washed the dishes, made the beds and I am registering some of my routine here. Also, I have spoken to my parents as usual... They are barely talking to each other. This has to do with the argument they had at the weekend and I was involved in it.

I still have to start cooking but it is a bit to early anyway...

Today it is going to be a slow day. I will probably rest for a while after lunch time. Well, nothing else to really report at the moment.

Once again, good energy to all of us... It is a beautiful and sunny day here in Brazil.

See you soon... my diary