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2017-07-31 16:02:20 (UTC)

Crisis of anxiety

Good afternoon!

After I wished my father happiness I talked to him. My mother and my father are always angry at each other and I stay in the middle being pulled from one side to another. Well, I have made my opinion and desire clear to them. I guess in the near future I will get where I would like to be. Hopefully, no more losses.

I felt really anxious this morning. I had a crisis of anxiety and just now I have recovered. The night was long and horrible and it seemed difficult to wait for the next day.

We just had lunch and I am waiting for the cleaner to come. She told me she would come this afternoon. The house needs cleaning. I am so tired that I would need a nap but I can't because she will be cleaning the house. I am glad I can afford her twice a month.

Well, I long for better days...

Anyway, I'd better go. Good energy to all of us!