2017-07-31 09:47:31 (UTC)

Let go...

I just don't care anymore. In life, there is nothing perfect and not every thing goes in the way that we want and desire.
If we are able to take it up, we must learn to make adjustments to suit and make things go right and finally to make things work.
But if that doesn't happen that way, it must be something wrong. But not all people are wise enough to see what is wrong.
And getting myself all stressed up because of someone else's problems is enough.
I got myself so stressed up until I just went to the saloon and cut of almost 6 inches of hair, leaving myself a shoulder length hair which took off some weight off my head.
I cant really talk to anyone of my family problems especially when it is between my uncles who are all trying to act smart and rich.
But unfortunately, what they are all made of are stupidity, evil deeds and lies in their heads and heart and waiting for someone to die just to aim for Hello Kitty's piggy bank.
I never knew that they were so low until they can drag themselves to the level beyond my imagination of pathetic losers.