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2017-07-30 23:01:55 (UTC)

Fed up of staying at home

Hi there!

I am bit fed up of staying at home. I invited my mother to go out tomorrow afternoon. My daughter doesn't want to go but I need to get out of the house and see people around me. We might go to the local bakery and have a coffee and cake. I am glad that she accepted my invitation.

Tonight I am very anxious... I have washed two loads of clothes and I have washed the dishes as well... I was trying to get busy and not to think about my life. That always helps me.

I watched some Youtubers... ha h aha Their videos make my life easier... because they do a lot of things I would like to be doing... So I travel with them... watching their videos.

At the moment, I don't know what else to do to forget my anxiety. Hopefully, it will disappear as it came.

So, I am going to watch some TV... great programme.

Good night and good energy to all of us, including myself.